Musos on Mules

We may be heading out on the trail to play at a wedding or a wake, to accompany a backyard birthday celebration, or to perform a full concert at a more formal venue: but then we'd drive the Rolls, not ride Daisy and Dolores.

Dan Connor and Greg Smith are based in Bishop in the Eastern Sierra, the center for a hot little music scene as well as for bouldering, fishing and Mule Days. We have both played for many years: nylon and steel-string guitars, mandolin, and two voices.  

The repertoire reflects all our explorations: originals, covers, instrumentals, songs: folk, country, classical, jazz, Brazilian, Americana: you name it and we'll play it (perhaps not heavy metal?). 

One or our major concerns is to achieve fine sound quality: to that end, we bring with us an excellent P.A. system which brings out the best in our acoustic music and is adaptable to the volume requirements of our hosts. Please check out our samples, and know that they only represent a small part of our  stylistic range and song list.